• Frank Iva

The Story Behind Frank Iva's Song -"More"

Just like everyone else in the world, the events of this season have greatly impacted my life…and I’m not only talking about the COVID19 pandemic. I also mean racial injustices caught on tape for the umpteenth time, the political tension, the apocalyptic socio-economic outlook on modern day life as we know it... These things have shaken me to the core. They have made me re-examine my life and reprioritize. In the last six months, I’ve had two back injuries that took me out of work for over a month, I’ve lost two separate incomes, and have resigned to living off of savings- something I’ve never done before.

The Pandemic

At first, when the pandemic shelter-in-place order hit, it felt good to take a break from work and all – a little extended vacay you know?! But it grew very old very quickly. I got extremely emotional when, for the first time in 12 years, it was ‘payday’ and there was no paycheck for me. See, in the era of the COVID19 #covid19 pandemic I have had to make some drastic adjustments to protect myself and the people I love. My wife has a compromised immune system. Without going into details, this means if I catch a cold, I might get over it in a week, but if she catches the same cold, she could be sick for a month, as well as activate a slew of other diseases currently in remission within her system. Given that my main day job is a field job that exposes me to a plethora of people at close proximity, in various geographical locations in a given day, you can see why I can’t take the risk.

So I was (and still am) in the thick of contemplating what this season would mean for me. Obviously, I was inevitably unemployed, so I was able to take a bird's-eye view of my life and ask myself “What does this all mean to me?” I found that the various series of mental dialogues all defaulted to one word: “RESET”. Yet, this is a very discomforting feeling, having lived my current lifestyle in its current way for over ten years. The feeling of walking from the known into the unknown is completely nerve wracking. I am grateful for the stability and certainty of income, but the mental and physical toll that my job has put on me is practically unsustainable. For example, up until the last two years, I had never sustained a single work injury. In the last two years, I have been severely injured three times. Once through a major fall, and twice in my back.

Could this be life’s way of telling me to re-examine my status-quo?

The Writing Process of “More”