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Ten Must-Watch YouTubers for DIY Artists

One of the best- and also the worst- things about the 21st century is the enormous amount of available information.

Before the internet was a thing, we had a fairly finite amount of information available to us in newspapers, journals, books, magazines and so on. With the advent of the internet there is an entire sea of information. Some good, some bad, some misleading, some fake and some fraudulent.

Well, I find myself defaulting to the internet to learn how to do most things, but the problem is that it takes a while to sift through the information and separate what is genuine and trustworthy, from pretentious and useless. I was pondering on all the great information I have found on the internet over the past couple years and thought, someone might really appreciate a curation of the best articles, videos, and other resources in one place.

Today I am sharing the top ten YouTubers that have impacted my journey for life (literally, life). I emphasize this because some of the videos I am sharing not only taught me how to do technical things, but they taught me to completely rewire my thinking, a total 180 degree turn in my outlook, perspective and paradigm.

"...some of the videos I am sharing not only taught me how to do technical things, but they taught me to completely rewire my thinking, a total 180 degree turn in my outlook, perspective and paradigm."

The reason why these YouTubers are a cut above the rest is they offer value without pushing hidden agenda. I just hate it when I try to watch a video and all I get is teasers trying to get me to buy a full course somewhere; like...why would I do that? I don’t even know what you are selling?

Anyway without further ado and in no particular order (insert drum roll here)... The following are the YouTubers that have enriched my creative life in the last 2-3 three years.

Adam Ivy

Great for: Marketing

I find Adam persuasive and inspirational in his videos. He said one thing that stuck with me and changed my life; "Your music is not your brand, you are your brand."

Damian Keyes

Great for: Music Industry Advice

Damian has a lot of great practical tips about the music business side of things, like all the things to do leading up to a song release and promoting releases.

Jon Sine

Great for: Music Production

I like John's raw spontaneous style of vlogging and how he draws you into his life and journey while giving you tips and tricks.

Big Z

Great for: Music Production

I have learned a lot about mixing and mastering from Big Z's channel. He is very knowledgable in Electronic Dance Music. I bought some samples from his website and also used his mastering services for my last release. He was great to work with.

Chris Do

Great for: Social Media and Marketing

I just discovered Chris. The channel is called The Futur. He is a great teacher and breaks down things very clearly. Lots of value on this channel.

Brian Dean

Great for: Youtube Growth and Search Engine Optimization

Brian gives awesome tips on how to rank higher in searches.


Great for: Sound Engineering, Mixing

I love Landr's really short videos on how to do specific audio production tasks.

Waves Audio (if you own their plugins)

Great for: Audio Production

Waves features lots of industry legends explaining how they use various Waves plugins. This is most beneficial if you own Waves plugins.


Great for: Photography and Music Video Production

YCImaging has a lot of tips about video making presented in vlogs and tutorials.

ADSR Music Production Tutorials

Great for: Plugin-specific tutorials (For example, Massive, Serum, Ableton)

ADSR has a wealth of knowledge on various production tools and concepts. If you visit the channel you can take advantage of the playlists they have curated under various categories.

I know there are tons more great YouTubers out there, but so far, these have been my favorite go-to's. If you know some amazing YouTubers that have helped you please share in the comments below. I hope that, in the near future, I can expand this list to fifty or more compiled from your suggestions.

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