• Frank Iva

How to Prepare for Technology Fails as a Creative

It still happens to me. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to create music and my computer starts to grind, or I just can’t get any sound out of my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or I can’t pull up the file I need from an external hard drive. Two hours later, I’m still researching on Google and troubleshooting; “how to fix [this software/hardware issue].” Or how about this: Everything is working fine but I am looking for the perfect sound patch to use in my song but I can’t quite find the right one. I have thousands of sounds to choose from, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. In the meantime, my hot new million-dollar idea is sitting in my head anxious to come out. I spend so much time and energy trying to find- or failing to find- the right patch, that by the end of it all I’m tired, my ears are fatigued and I've lost interest in pursuing my original idea.

Today, I’m talking about how I deal with technology glitches, what steps I take to reduce their impact on my work flow, and how I build in safeguards to deter technology glitches from hindering my creative process.

YES, I know there is a whole debate out there as to whether or not technology hinders creativity. While that is a discussion beyond the scope of this blog post, I tend to lean towards the “NO-it-does-not-BUT-it-can-sometimes” side, because I’m a realist.

Here are the most common technical glitches I experience in my creative sessions:

  • Computer crashing