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FRANK IVA is an accomplished music producer and composer originally from Uganda, now based in San Diego, CA. From a young age, Frank possessed an incredible musical ear, creating sounds with homemade instruments and translating melodies into music. Although he didn't have access to a real keyboard, Frank's determination led him to find one wherever he coulda, borrowing from neighbors and churches.


While Frank initially aspired to become a concert pianist, he pursued a Statistics major at Makerere University in Uganda. During this time, he coached worship teams, taught piano, and worked as a record engineer producing both private and commercial music. Despite his efforts to receive formal training in music production and technology, Frank's endeavors were unsuccessful. However, in 2006, armed with just $100, he made the bold decision to move to the U.S. to pursue his dreams as a producer and artist.


As an optimistic international student, Frank's perspective on life and music drastically changed when he worked as the Worship Arts Director for a predominantly white evangelical church in Chicago. It was during this phase that he encountered overt and subtle racism, felt hurt and confusion from the Church, and began questioning the purpose of his journey.


Through a series of transformative events, Frank experienced a period without music or connection to a church, filled with love, loss, and ultimately redemption. This journey led him to San Diego, where he now calls home. Working as the Music Director at The Rock Church, along with his MBA in Project Management, reinvigorated Frank's path towards his dreams. His triumphant comeback to the music scene embodies the diverse influences that have shaped him – the captivating rhythms of Uganda, the classical theories of music greats, the emotive chords of hymns and Negro Spirituals, the uplifting melodies of gospel praise, and the modern blend of American innovation and nostalgia.


Today, Frank Iva channels his passion for Chicago's improv Jazz and the laid-back California electro vibe into his music. His debut single 'Conversations', as well as the highly anticipated follow-up 'Bassline', showcase his unique style and creative genius. Iva’s latest track 'Better', infuses his signature feel-good bounce.


Beyond his music production and composition, Frank has an impressive portfolio of film scoring credits. His work includes the award-winning short film "Sunken Holiday" as well as projects such as SNAPP, Pretty Mad, The Fischer Files, and Generally Considered Safe to Eat.

For a firsthand experience of Frank Iva's talent, you can check out his "Iva On The Track" series on YouTube, where he showcases live jam sessions.

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